Scrap Technology Workshops For Children

Scrap Technology Workshops 27,28,29th October 2014

Workshop Title:- Scrap Technology Workshops
Time:- 9 am to 11 am
Location:- Woodend Mill, Mossley
Price:- £5 (Tickets were £10 but have been subsidised by a community funder.)
Description:- Latest scrap technology workshops are coming to Mossley. Our workshops are designed for children 8 to 13.

The activities on the day may include pop bottle rocket challenge, tremendous batteries, bug hotels, save the eggs, steady hand challenge, plus a few more surprises.

Our workshops are designed to spark curiosity in young people and deliver a session of art and science.

We have been generously part funded to offer these workshops at a 50% reduction and we have also slashed the online booking fee.

We will also offer light refreshments.

Each session ticket is now only £5-00

Book now as places are limited.

Why Mossley Basecamp?

Enhanced well-being

Most young people report that they feel calm and have a sense of well-being after they explore, investigate and achieve at a project they have not tried before. This can sometimes impact on their personal, social and academic growth.

Hands-on Learning Opportunity

The youth who have plenty of curiosity but little or no access to rich and constructive hands-on learning experiences in projects. Our workshops are supported by caring and knowledgeable adults. Benefiting from constructive social interaction with peers.

A Powerful Model for Youth

We are creating opportunities for local youth to engage with science and other projects and with their own learning remains an important educational challenge. These youth have too few places near their homes where they can spend their out-of-school time in a safe, productive, science-rich environment where knowledgeable adults are focused on their personal, social and intellectual development.

Baked Beans Raft Challenge

Create Your Own Mini Raft And See Who Sails The Longest!


Date:- Wednesday 13th August 2014

Time:- 9am to 12pm

Location:- Woodend mill, Mossley

Price:- £12 (No booking Fee)

Extras:- All Materials Included

Instructor:- Woodland Activities

Can you create a mini raft that can float a can of baked beans?

Join us to see if you can win the challenge and not lose your cargo!

Nordic Slinging Braid

Create Your Own Nordic Slinging Braid In Mossley?


Date:- Tuesday 12th August 2014

Time:- 9am to 12pm

Location:- Woodend mill, Mossley

Price:- £12 (No booking Fee)

Extras:- All Materials Included

Instructor:- Woodland Activities

Create a traditional craft using techniques brought to America by the first Nordic settlers.

Learn a new forest skill.

Mosaic Owl & Cushion Workshop

Hooks & Needles Mosaic Owl & Cushion Workshop

Date:- 9th August 2014

Time:- 2pm to 5pm

Do you know how to make a mosaic owl or even a really cute cushion?

Have you  ever made a mosaic owl masterpiece or even made your own cute home made cushion.

Hooks and Needles has taught many people how to make their creative pieces  over the years, most are kept pride of place in the crafters house’s, but we have heard our cheeky crafters have also given them out as presents…. But’s thats cool…. you make it with your own hands you decide who gets the prize….

By the end of the THREE HOUR WORKSHOP, you will have created a masterpiece and had a right good natter and socialised with like minded crafting individuals.

So if you want to learn how to make mosaic owls and cushions then…


You will become a MOSAIC OWL PRO by the time the workshop has ended.

So does this workshop sound your cup of tea!

To book your place on the mosaic owl and cushion workshop, it’s really simple to book…

1.) Click on the “BOOK TODAY” button

2.) This will take you to the booking page

3.) Click “Order now

4.) Eventbrite will confirm your workshop place for £15-00

5.) You will be automatically booked on the workshop and YOUR place will be secured.


BY THE WAY… this workshop has limited places so booking is essential, so hurry book your place now…

See you soon for the workshop,




(P.S) If you’re having second thoughts about paying £15-00 for our workshop, that includes all materials and use of our lovely Woodend Mill workshop.

(P.P.S) if you consider you can drink as much tea and coffee over the session as well and taste the most scrumptious home baked scones you will see that £15 is an awesome bargain for a Saturday afternoon of creative madness with tea and scones…